Bookmarks workflow

for Alfred

Bookmarks is a simple utility workflow for Alfred app. It helps you organize your bookmarks and one-line notes as lists in Markdown format.

Bookmark lists

All lists are stored as .md files on your computer in a dedicated folder and do not depend on browsers or third-party apps.

URLs are opened in the browser, while plain text is used as a query in the search engine of your choice. Any list item can also be a checkbox item that will be checked when opened. You can create to-do lists or closed lists of links you need to take a look at. Or you can just mix them as needed.


Bookmarks support Markdown link format. For example,[Transport Museum]( will be represented with a title and URL:

Markdown link representation

If you are adding just URL, Bookmarks will try to fetch page title from it and convert it to the same Markdown format.

Happy listing!

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